Friday, February 12, 2010


So first and most importantly is our daily time in God's Word.

Adding to that (when I have the time) I am trying to get my fill of christian books, whether they relate to a closer relationship to Christ (most important) or my part in my marriage as a wife.

Currently I am reading "I'm Not Good Enough"...and Other Lies Women Tell Themselves.

I am only on page 40 or so, but so far so good.

It goes into the lies that satan puts into our minds,
I am a loser
Nobody loves me
I don’t have time to read the Bible
I’m not good enough
I would be happier married to someone else
My family would be better off if I were dead
Without an education, I’ll always be behind

for me, it's always "if only I'd lose the baby weight...." (from 17 months ago I might add)

And then the book rebukes satans lies with Gods truth Straight from the bible!

How awesome is it it that the weapons we need for satans lies are right in front of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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